• Used Fuso Canter Trucks

    Mitsubishi Fuso Canter line of commercial trucks are well known for their durability, reliability, safety and driver comfort, with improved levels of fuel efficiency and power..

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    used fuso canter trucks
  • Used Fuso Trucks - Applications

    Mitsubishi Fuso Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks offer flexibility for a variety of applications - such as Tippers, Crane Loaders, Concrete Mixers, Refrigerated Vans, Dump Trucks.

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    used fuso heavy duty trucks
  • Used Mitsubishi Fuso Buses

    Mitsubishi Fuso has a wide range of heavy duty tourist coach buses for sightseeing and inter-city transportation, designed for maximum passenger comfort and safety.

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    used fuso buses
used fuso trucks

Used Trucks from Japan

Direct Import Japanese used trucks

Buy High quality used Fuso trucks at low prices - directly from Japanese Auto Auctions. ..more

Mitsubishi Fuso

Why Fuso Trucks?

Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks from Japan

Solid Performance, Reliability, Fuel Efficiency, Driver Comfort and Outstanding Service. ..more

Welcome to UsedMitsubishiFusoTrucks.com

You have arrived at the right place if you are looking for used Mitsubishi Fuso trucks from Japan. We have a huge stock of used Mitsubishi Fuso trucks for various applications such as dump trucks, crane trucks, refrigerator trucks. We deal with medium and heavy duty Fuso trucks. We also represent used truck auctions in Japan and can find any truck matching your requirements at a reasonable price.

used fuso crane truck

Mitsubishi Fuso line of commercial haulers is a reputable name among truck drivers all over the world. Nowadays, we can make out a Fuso by the Canter badge on the front side of the truck or by the Mitsubishi badge on the back of the truck.

The Mitsubishi Fuso trucks were first seen globally around 1980s. Fuso trucks gained their popularity in the Asia-Pacific market in the 1970s and soon found themselves being recognized worldwide. The popularity of Fuso trucks in Australia during the past few years is remarkable. MFTBC (Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation), an integral part of the Daimler Trucks Division of Daimler AG., is a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in Asia. MFTBC sold a total of about 188,700 vehicles which includes light duty, medium duty and heavy-duty trucks and buses during 2007. In Japan, Southeast Asia, and Middle East and with business in over 100 countries around the world, “Mitsubishi Fuso” means superior vehicle with cost-effective value and outstanding service.

Why Mitsubishi Fuso Used Trucks?

There are various reasons to choose Mitsubishi Fuso. Mitsubishi Fuso commercial trucks are designed in such a way that they fit in any business requirements that you wish. . Mitsubishi Fuso trucks are flexible – accommodating many exclusive body styles including service and enclosed bodies requirements of contractors, plumbers or electricians. Mitsubishi Fuso delivery trucks such as towing, refrigerated transport, or beverage delivery are gaining their reputation due to its dependability. Fuso trucks by Mitsubishi are easy to drive, whether as general delivery trucks or off-road transportation. They are accepted by landscaping customers and other utility companies where 4-wheel drive is essential.

Durability and safety are two major hallmarks of Mitsubishi Fuso trucks. All Mitsubishi Fuso trucks feature spacious and comfortable Cabinets along with other features like side door crush bars, collapsible steering columns, well-positioned gauges and controls. , Tilt/telescoping steering wheels are provided in tow trucks and 45% better visibility than any other conventional trucks. Their steel frame with ladder style facilitates body installation faster. The new suspension systems give payload capacity, miles of comfort and reliability. Their trouble-free diesel engines and transmissions are ideal for delivery trucks. Its many other features which keeps drivers more alert and productive.

used mitsubishi tractor head

Mitsubishi Fuso Product Range

In Japan, Mitsubishi canter trucks are available in different weight range e.g. from 2 tons to 4.8 tons. Body Types contains Tippers, Dump trucks, Crane Loaders, Dropsiders, Flat Beds, Hydraulic beavertail, Concrete Mixers, Box Vans, Garbage Collectors, Skip Loaders etc.

Lastest news

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    We exported eight Fuso Canter trucks and two FY series trucks to a transporation company based in Thailand...more

  • Nov 5, 2009

    We launched service in Spanish language for our customers in SOuth America and other Spanish speaking countries...more

  • Oct 19, 2009

    Delivered ten Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great trucks for construction and landscaping company in Kenya...more